Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free Weezy

The first time I heard this refrain was at the Jay Z and Eminem concert in Yankee Stadium. Major artists were popping out left and right, making surprise appearances.  Kanye West, Beyonce, and even Mary J. Blige came out and ripped the stage...then Drake came out.  Now, its no secret that my love for hip hop has depleted to the point of non-existence, however, I respect drake as an artist and think he is actually a talented rapper amongst a sea of talentless fools.

As expected, Drake invoked a wild response from the crowd .....then the music slowed...

The beat was smooth...the lyrics flowed with a mixture of venom and sweetness that gave me a glimmer of hope for the future of hip hop...


"When I say Free you say Weezy!"


Last time i checked the phrase "Free___ (insert convicted person here)" was meant for those who were wrongfully convicted. Wayne knowingly violated NYS law by bringing a weapon into a club.  This isn't Nelson Mandela or Dr. King breaking the rules in order to bring justice to black people.  This is an individual, with 4 (or more?) kids making an irresponsible decision and doing the time for it.

What is it about the black community that continues to support young black men going to jail, by throwing them parties before they go in, and parties when they get out? Why are so many young black women saying "free weezy", when his mysoginistic lyrics (at best) hardly send the message of respecting  us?

Now...maybe people are giving him a pass  because they think his music is "great" and the stuff of legend...(which i strongly disagree with).. but at what point does a person's detrimental behaviors start to affect who they are as a public figure (see Charlie Sheen)? Should Lil' Wayne be celebrated in the way that he is, and if so, why?