Sunday, April 15, 2012

Music Diaries: Azealia Banks

Interscope records has done it once again.  Azealia Banks, one of their newest artists, is starting to blow up, and for no other reason than her raw, unadulterated talent.  Ms. Banks can be best described as as a little M.I.A., a dash of Foxy Brown, a slice of Lil' Kim, and a nice alternative to Nicki Minaj. 

After seeing Azealia Banks' impressive performance at Coachella (and being slightly biased since I'm a LAG alum), I am officially sold on the artist that is Azealia Banks.  Take a quick look at some of my favorite AB tracks and enjoy!


 "F*ck Up the Fun"

 "Gimme a Chance"

I am still pretty much a newbie to Azealia Banks' music, so I will discover some more of my faves and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Do you love Azealia Banks? What are some of your favorite tracks?

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