Thursday, December 2, 2010

The American Dream

America is the land of opportunity.  Its the place where everyone is supposed to have equal opportunity to achieve their ultimate goals in life, which in most cases include being filthy rich.

The problem with this is that it is ideal but not the reality. 

The reality is that the rich cannot exist without the poor.  You have to take from someplace in order to have the skewed distribution of wealth that is so prominent on wall street.

The reality is capitlism has a way of finding its victims, while simultaneously blaming them for their woes.  In most cases the victims happen to be minorities.

The reality is corporations and politicians exploit these dreams and make a profit of you when the reality hits.

So when do we start taking personal responsibility for ignoring the reality in hopes of realizing the "dream"? If you have bad credit and still take out a large bank loan  in order to purchase a home, or max out your $2000 card limit in order to get that big screen TV, whose fault is it the you're in over your head in debt? You or the companies'?

The reason why we are in this recession is not solely the fault of the government or the big companies, we are at  fault as well for focusing too much on the ideology and ignoring the reality.  The phrase "mind over matter" is overrated.  We have faced a cultural shift in which anybody can be anything because they said so, and have been enabled by people willing to make money off them.

Is this wrong?

Is it okay to try to live for an ideal instead of living in reality?

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  1. Because we as people have the opportunity to live above are means we do things that are not necessary. I know I personally have witnessed people spending on things that they had no reason to spend it but they did because they had a credit card and they said they would pay it later. Also because people want to live like others they try to live up to standards at a cost they cant truly afford.

    But the type of person I am I dont try to do things out of the necessary to live the American dream. Yes I do own a credit card but I only use it when I can actually afford things, but i use it to build my credit score. I like to say that I am smart when it comes to my money and making decisions with my credit. The American Dream is something I want to live but I am not gonna put myself in debt before I can actually try to live THE DREAM.