Thursday, December 16, 2010

Middle-Aged Babies

Lately, I've been feeling like I'm the butt of some sick joke involving me and middle-aged men.  Like moth to a flame, this particular demographic of men is drawn to me for some unknown reason--and believe me I'm not bragging. 

Or maybe its not me, maybe its just that I happen to be a Twenty-something year old girl.

It's not a novelty that men are attracted to women younger than them, and women are attracted to men who are older than them.  Psychology states that women develop emotionally faster than men.  Biology states that a woman's ability to reproduce expires way faster than a man, making younger women a prized possession compared to their menopausal elders.  To top that off, men tend to place a higher value on physical attractiveness, making the younger woman, once again, the victors in the most desirable demographic race.

Being a Twenty-something, I get that age-lines tend to get blurred.  22 and 28? meh, not that big of a deal.  A ten year difference even becomes less of a thing as we all age.  But when men in their 50's actively pursue me? Then we have a problem.  We've all seen it on T.V. , middle-aged billionaire men who parade women around  20-30 years their junior.  Forgive me for being harsh, but it all seems perverted, predatory, and just overall pathetic.

Do you really think that hot brazilian model would be dating that not-so attractive older man (ie. Donald Trump) if he didn't have money? I don't think so.

So what's the root cause of this trend? Is it the age old "women want security, men want to spread their seed" thing, or do many middle-aged men go through a crisis in the life that makes them want to seem like they are still hip and youthful by garnering a younger woman?

I also wonder if more middle-aged men would pursue hot 20 yr old models if they had the money to buy them.  In any case, middle-aged men, leave me alone!!


  1. I am a young guy now but I do not know if I will be guilty of going after young women in her 20's when i am in my 40's or 50's. I have always noticed how women liked older men. So maybe men go after younger women because it’s easier to manipulate them or they want to see if they still got it. Most of the time older men with money that people see on TV with younger women i believe it’s because it’s the money, women are with them for security, status and able to live the AMERICAN Dream like your last blog you posted.

    For me to say I will go after younger when in the future is unknown. Hopefully the women around my age are exciting and still do things that i like or i will have to go to plan B which is younger women. So even though women might get older they should have a young spirit to keep the men in the age range attracted to them. A sound harsh but it’s just my opinion.

  2. But you are making the assumption that you will "have a young spirit" by the time you reach middle-age. Why do u think that the way you progress as you age will be different from the women that are your peers?

  3. Well as I stated before I don't know how I will be when the time comes but I am assuming because right now it’s all I can do. I am trying to put myself in the shoes of those men but right now it is impossible. Everyman may have a different reason for going after younger women. I don’t know if I will be different from women who are my peer as I age. But I have heard other men talk about that so if you give me about 10-15 years I will be able to respond to this post allot better.